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RoseQuet FairyTale!

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Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Do you want to come up with an original romantic gift with a huge WOW-factor instead of the standard chocolates or bouquet of flowers/roses ? Do you also find it silly that you have to throw away an expensive bouquet of roses in the trash-bin? That's exactly the reason why we present you this romantic gift : The RoseQuet Fairytale! 

This outstanding sparking Rose gives a real warm vibe in every interior. This artificial rose won't end up in the trash after 2 weeks. With the beautiful LEDs, included in the package, will makes this rose stand-out! You do remember the fairy-tale of the Beauty and The Beast from Disney? I don't have to tell you this, because I believe almost everyone has watched this. Relive the magical moments and give this RoseQuet FairyTale! to your loved one, to show your everlasting love with this gift. a guaranteed original and beloved impression! 

Why is this something for me?

  • a gift for each occasion. This gift suits well for Christmas, Newyear, birthdays, Valentine, Mother's Day, a Marriage, .... or just because you want to spoil her with an extra special gift? Just to show your love towards her 
  •  Magical and Romantic Gift! The RoseQuet FairyTale! shines trough its magic and gives a warm vibe in any interior due to the bright lights
  • WOW-FACTOR is very high! This is an amazingly original gift for her!I'm almost sure that no ex-partner has given this to her and it's more original then a bouquet of flowers from the gas-station or the next necklace/ring! 
  • High Quality. The flower is made of high quality material and the glass is strong.
  • Ultimate Decorative Lamp. This RoseQuet FairyTale! will stand very good at each interior design. Show-off your love and let it shine trough every room in your house! Or make it private at her nightstand.

    Product Description

    •  22cm x 12cm
    • LED Lights
    •  3 AAA Battery's (not included) to function

      Disclaimer: This product has no affiliation with Disney nor is this product made by the design of any Disney Product. RoseQuet FairyTale! uses the Disney story only as reference.


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